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      What's the goal? 
dEBTOUTREACH.ORG IS A PROJECT THAT will LEGALLY purchase DEBT FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.   INSTEAD OF COLLECTING IT, WE  want to DISSOLVE IT..  Once we make contact with the consumer, we offer to dissolve the debt if they agree to receive counseling from a non-profit counseling agency.  If they agree, the debt goes away. If we fail to contact them or they refuse, we will re-sell the debt so that we can re-invest in another purchase.  This way, we truly are offering help to consumers that are willing to help themselves. WITH YOUR support, WE CAN FREE THE OVER- BURDENED THROUGH A CAMPAIGN OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT AND GOOD WILL. JOIN US AS WE  CREATE A BETTER WORLD BASED ON THE COMMON GOOD.